Because of our love to the environment, we created the Tea of Truth that brewed with local friendly heat and beautiful tealeaf scent from medium elevations. Also, we inherited the spirit of traditional herbal drink culture into our current tea series. While we searched for these teas all over the island of Taiwan, we’ve found the truth.

Jinxuan Oolong Tea

Semi-round shaped, dark green leaf but the color of tea is golden. Special soil, topography and climate of Taiwan caused its unique milk-like taste.

NTD 150

Jade Oolong Tea

The color of tea is transparent but a bit amber color with beautiful flowery smell. Taste bitter at first, but ends up in a sweet and moist texture.

NTD 150

Honey Black Tea

Originally made by coincidence because the look of tea leaf curled from insect bites. It has a beautiful sweet flower scent while baked, but it doesn’t taste as strong as regular black tea. Thus, we named it Honey Black Tea.

NTD 150

Baozhong Tea

The scent of Baozhong Tea is beautiful as flowers and the taste is slightly sweetened, moist and active. After just a sip of Baozhong Tea, the beautiful sweet taste stays for minutes.

NTD 150

Warming Tea

Authentic tea flavor of Taiwan. It helps to reduce the greasiness from fried and oily food, and also eases stomach problems and helps the stomach digest.

成份:Ingredients: Sweet Osmanthus, Perilla, White Ginger, Burdock Root, Rosemary

NTD 150

Caring Tea

Nourishing. Boosts energy. Harmonizes body and mind. Nourishes and adjusts strength and improves body and mind balance along with a fresh flora and herbal aroma.

成份:Ingredients: Licorice, Rhinacanthus Nasutus, Jasmine Flowers, Rhodiola, Marigold, Houttuynia, Lemongrass

NTD 160

Relieving Tea

Soothing. Mind adjusting. Stress relief. Purified, harmonized and mild. Helps relieve tensed and unbalanced body and mind.

成份:Ingredients: Lavender, Tilia Leaves, Rose Petals, Fiveleaf Gynostemma, Osmanthus Grans, Chrysanthemum, Licorice

NTD 160

Delighting Tea

Youthfulness. Strength adjusting. Balancing and healthy. Vitalizing body looks, with a natural sweet and sour aroma, nourishes throat and metabolizes body to maintain beautiful youthfulness.

成份:Ingredients: Roselle, Chinese Hawthorn, Dried Orange Peels, Cassia Seeds, Stevia, Perilla, Licorice, Mint

NTD 160