Jelly cakes are mostly made with herbs. Taste cool and smooth, which is a creative herbal desserts. Now we serve refreshing jelly cakes as we take these natural herbs into our daily diet.

Jinxuan Red Bean Cake

Made with Yuan’s Jinxuan Oolong Tea. Red beans have smooth texture with light milky Jinxuan Oolong Tea flavor. Beautiful sweet taste without greasiness.

NTD 120

Milky Mesona Herbs Cake

Mesona Herbs are sweet and cool, which can reduce inner body heat. Based with strong milky scent, and flavored by almond chips and lemon peels. Taste refreshing in a smooth texture.

NTD 140

Osmanthus & Longan Dates Jelly Cake / Vegetarian

Made with Osmanthus Jelly and chewy Longan dates. A strong and smooth texture makes this cake a refreshing taste.

NTD 120